Welcome to Peggy Sheldon's Complementary Therapy!

It's not what you do, it's how you do it...

My name is Peggy Sheldon I am a qualified practitioner in many complementary therapies. My experience spans over 40 years. I was working as a physiotechnologist for a health & beauty clinic where I trained in anatomy & physiology/nutrition.

At this time I had many unresolved health issues. This was the beginning of my journey. Over the years I have developed a holistic approach to people as individuals. My advise is people-friendly, practical & basic everyday language. I am deeply interested in posture/movement in everyday life & the unconscious patterns that are created by repetitive habits of movement. I believe, given the right advise, most conditions can be managed or resolved.

In order to get change ... you have to change ... or you stay the same. I am really passionate about the work I do. Particularly Hypermobility Syndrome (weak connective tissue) there is so little known about this. I am hypermobile & have injured/damaged myself by the usual exercise classes i.e. Yoga/Pilates /Tai Chi. I soon realised ....It's not what you do but how you do it. That's what gets results. My training and research is ongoing and I am always open to new ideas. The journey continues.